About Robin’s Nest


When our new pastor arrived at our church, he asked me where I wanted to serve.  Without hesitating, I responded with the seniors.  Fast forward five years when we joined a network of homecare providers and began operating a non medical home care agency.  After seven years, I had an AHA! moment when I realized that there remained a gap in fulfilling the needs of seniors and their families.  With that said, we began our journey to secure a location, where we could welcome our participants to spend a day with us in the nest. Robin’s Nest is a non residential facility that provides a cost effective alternative for families caring for their aging loved ones.  Our approach uses a social and recreational model to engage participants physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Participants can’t wait to come and families love it!

Our Team

  • Activities Coordinator plans organized activities
  • CNA provides assistance with hygiene and personal care.
  • Volunteers provide additional support.
  • The Administrator manages day to day operations, meeting with Nesters and their families, and ensures that the organization runs smoothly.